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Friday, July 17, 2015

   So many of you might not know it, but I'm actually an aspiring author! I'm almost done my first book entitled, 'The Peddler's Daughter' and I'm working on another story called 'The Unfinished Storybook'. Who else of you here are writers? Raise your hand, or you know just comment if that's better.
    I am in love with writing, and no one else in my family gets it I think. It's just so fun, and thinking of my reader's reactions at plot twists and stuff is just so funny. My characters are all so great, you know we're all best friends. Well, not really they're more like my kids.
    I want you guys to go check out my writing on Figment. I'd love you if you did. I need feedback, and I just really want someone to read my stories. They're really great I promise.
   Here's the link to my figment profile: http://figment.com/users/434058-Rachel-Rowbottom
   So where was I going? I'm going to share some of the ways I get inspired to write.
   1. Pinterest.
  I seriously can just see a picture on there and have a whole story idea in my brain, which turns out to not always be a good thing because I have so many ideas right now.
  2. Music?
This doesn't give me story ideas, but it really helps set the mood. When I'm writing intense scenes I'm often listening to Tangled or Frozen soundtracks, and when I'm writing historical I'm listening to Celtic music. It just helps somehow. I listen to songs with words too sometimes, but it can be a bit distracting.
  3. Things people say.
One time my sister was just being her plain ol' mean self and trying to kick me off the computer. Well, she's not really that mean, sorry Victoria! It gave me a idea and I wrote a short story, which is on my figment profile.
  4. Movies sometime inspire me, but most often not really. Especially when one of my characters acts in a movie, and it the good person when he/she's supposed to be the bad guy. Like in Jurassic World Aunt Claire was one of the characters in my book and her name was Cecilia. But she was supposed to be the bad one, so I was actually kind of disappointed when she became a good person in the movie. I know it's really bad of me.
  5. Reading
 I love books so this one isn't hard for me. It gives me inspiration to make my work better more than anything. No I don't copy other books, don't worry! ;)
 6. The Bible
 This is the best place to go when you're writing a book. If you want your book to have a good lesson, or be God uplifting you have to be reading your Bible too. It has parables in it too, which also gives me story ideas.
  Well, there's my little list. If you'd like me to read some of your work, I'd be more than glad!
    Sincerely, Rachel

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