An Emma Reaction Gif Post

     Last week I watched Emma, with my sister. Needless to say, I had to post about it. And a reaction gif post, my first reaction gif post seemed like the best option. So here goes!
The movie starts with the scene of Emma's parents, and then her mother dying.

I thought her father was funny! And then I was sad about her mother, and Jane, and Frank. And I was all like


   Then came the part of Jane's aunt talking about how marvelous Jane was. Then Emma mentioned she wanted to lean Chinese.
Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Reaction GIFs
 Then came the matchmaking between Emma's sister and Mr. Knightley's brother. Which was some way funny, but still you know kind of serious. Though I totally cracked up when Emma was sitting in the church saying, "Who next?"
Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Reaction GIFs
Then Anne got married and she was leaving, and Emma was remembering her sister and her in their younger years, and yeahh I just....
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But then things were back to normal and we meet Ms. Harriet Smith. Who was interesting, and mysterious, and a maybe just a little naïve.
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Then comes the dreaded proposal....... And the counsel Emma gave... Like noooooooo...
Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Reaction GIFs | Silly | Oh My Disney
And then the argument in which Mr. Knightly makes it all too clear that Emma is super wrong.
Emma Reaction GIFs - Knightley Edition 7
Then things are going good, between Mr. Elton and Harriet although I still don't like him. Maybe they are well matched after all?
Pascal (:
Then the proposal! It all makes sense, but the nerve of that man....
Emma Reaction GIFs - Knightley Edition 2
Then arrived our should we say, charming Frank? And he and Emma were getting off real well, and he was funny and adventurous... Yes... I'll admit it I really, really, liked him.
Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Reaction GIFs The “I Will Sarcastically Clap For Your Shenanigans”
Then came Jane, along with the mysterious piano. Which I had my own presumptions about, which turned out to be correct in the end.
“What is Thomas’ most distinctive feature?” Thomas Brodie Sangster. Part 2. Fuente:scottmccalle
Then a certain someone left. Yes, it was Frank and I was very disappointed to say the least.
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Then came the balllllllllll......... This sums it up PERFECTLY.
Disney gifs
Then the last dance. Where my opinion may or may not have changed a lot or a little.
the best gif.........think i could watch this all day.
Then the donkey scene with Mr. Elton and Mrs. Elton. PERFECTION!
Charlotte princess and the frog, Click on the picture to see the gif ;)
Then the strawberry picnic. Mr. Knightly is basically me.
Emma Reaction GIFs - Knightley Edition
And while I was completely saying BADLY DONE EMMA at the same time, I felt sorry he didn't want to forgive her. And then he left for London and I was like:
Then Frank comes out and tells everyone that he is engaged to Jane. I still don't know if I can forgive him.
Emma Reaction GIFs - Knightley Edition 3
Then Harriet tell Emma who it is that she thinks is her 'prince charming' and we're all like:Emma Reaction GIFs - Knightley Edition 4
Then Emma realizes her mistake. LIKE IT'S ABOUT TIME GIRL!
Then he returns, and she is hiding behind the bushes, which honestly was hilarious. Then he tries to talk to her and she's all like 'shhhhhhh'. Yes this deserves two gifs.
Wait for it....just wait, and you will see my reaction to so many things lately! Perfection.
...and a whole bunch more Dean/Jensen reaction gifs if you click through.
Then the end is justttttttttt. No words.
Link couldn't help but really get into Rhett's saying of "Good Mythical Morning" <3

Ok. So there's that. I hope you all enjoyed this, let me know if you had the same feelings when you saw it.
  Sincerely, Rachel

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