Marvellous Movies

There are so many great and inspiring movies out there! I don't have 1 favourite for sure, so here's a list, in no particular order of movies I love.

    1. Amazing Grace
This movie about William Wilberforce, is literally amazing. He was an abolitionist, animal rights activist, Christian, and completely awesome person. This movie is heart warming, inspiring, and has some pretty laugh-worthy moments.

    2. Little Women
  This movie is so beautiful. It follows the story of sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. I love the different personalities of each sister, and how they interact with each other. Jo is an inspirational woman, author, and she grows so much throughout the story. This is a movie you'll want to watch again and again, and it is quite nostalgic. 

   3. The Sound of Music
 The costumes in this movie are amazing. Julie Andrews is amazing. The music is amazing. This movie is just amazing, and you will find yourself thinking of the songs in random situations.

  4. The Princess Bride
 This movie is a classic. Fencing, adventure, humour, everything you could possibly want in a movie. The book is pretty great too, although the movie perfected the story. You will never stop quoting this movie, and your friends might you hate you for it, but if they do, they probably aren't really your

   5. October Baby
An thought provoking (and for people who cry during movies, tear jerking) movie, about abortion survivors. It follows Hannah as she first discovers that she was adopted, then discovers that she was an attempted abort. Her journey to find her mother is inspiring, and teaches so many lessons.

    6. The Drop Box

 I'm not usually into documentaries, but this one is the exception. Pastor Lee is a South Korean pastor, who rescues abandoned babies. What a inspiring hero! The book which follows the story of the director, and how this documentary changed his life,  is really great too. 

   7. Hidden Figures

  Wow, this movie was great. Inspiring, hilarious, and a true historical story. The three women were funny, powerful, and heroines in their own sense! I really enjoyed this movie, and the soundtrack can be a fun listen when you're having a busy day!

 A few runner ups - Miss Potter, Gifted, Fiddler on the Roof, and North and South.