About Me

  Hello random citizen! My name is Rachel, and I am the writer behind this blog. My goal with this site is to encourage, inspire, raise awareness to important topics, and brighten your day.

       I am a storyteller, and I've self-published 'Willow: A Story'. Over the summer, I am hoping to share more with ya'll about my writing process, and what works for me! Also, I will be sharing tidbits and behind the scenes about my book. 

       You'll notice I don't shy away from controversial topics on this blog. Abortion, Christianity, etc. This doesn't mean that I know everything, so please feel free to give me your two-cents in the comments, and I will do my best to respond.

I like good strong words that mean something. 
Louisa May Alcott 

      Besides writing, I am also a musician! I am in grade 9 piano, can also play the ukulele and guitar, and I can scratch out a tune on the violin. But it just might hurt your ears, so don't ask me, until I've practiced some more.

       Modern slavery is an issue that is near to my heart, and you'll notice I write about it quite a bit. Most people don't realize how relevant and important this issue is today, and I'm on a mission to change that! Check out the Endit Movement to find out more, or read some of my posts on the subject. 
     You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.                      

William Wilberforce
      That's enough about me! Now, tell me something about yourself.  
           Sincerely, Rachel