Last Week's Book Suggestion

Friday, March 27, 2015

 Last week's book suggestion was
: Weight of a Flame: The Passion of Olympia Morata by Simonetta Carr.
    This book follows the life of Olympia Morata. She was a tutor in 16th century Italy. She learned latin and greek at a young age. She became a tutor of Anna D'este, and wrote poetry and songs. She was also a philosopher, and wholeheartedly embraced the teachings of Martin Luther, and John Calvin.  She leaves coart to help nurse her father, as persecution begins raging around her. Will she stay strong in the face of death?
     This was a very enjoyable read. I think Simonetta Carr did a great job writing about her, making you feel like you are experiencing Olypmia's adventures with her. The characters all seemed very real, having both good and bad sides. She did a good job describing them, making me feel like I was there meeting them myself. My favorite character was Olympia, she was courgaeous, inspiring, and smart. She also was someone you could sympathize with, as she had many of the same thoughts and questions everyone has at some time in their life. 
   The story was for sure not very predictable. The only part that was easier to predict was who she was going to marry, that is usually the case in all books though. The book was also hard to put down, I read it all in one sitting. It wasn't boring, and had lots of scenes that kept me on my toes. 
   I do not really like romantic books, and I was glad that this book wasn't romantic. Even though she did get married, it didn't dwell on that. Another book in this series is; Against the Tide: the Valor of Margaret Wilson. It is also a really good book, but unlike this book it had more romantic parts which made me like it less than I could have.
       Overall I think Simonetta Carr did a great job with this book. If I would like anything different it would be that this book was longer, but I usually can't find a book long enough for me.
 I would give it a rating of 5/5. This book would be good for readers of 9+. It has a few scenes that might frighten younger children.
         Happy reading!
      Sincerely, Rachel

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