The Strange Device

Friday, March 27, 2015

You know those times when someone says something totally random, and *whoosh* you have a story idea in your head? Well it happened to me the other day. I had just signed into the computer, to continue writing my book, and my sister said something along the lines of  'get off the computer I want to go on', and it randomly made this story pop into my head. It was actually a great break from writing my book, it is about two friends medieval Italy. 
The Strange Device
In medieval Italy two friends were traveling to Florence city when they suddenly caught sight  of a strange small box. 
  “Make the light go away!” Anastasia tried to grab the strange looking device from Phillip.
  Unfortunately Phillip was stronger than her and it was making him feel strange so he grabbed it back.
  “Instagram? I wonder what that is?” Phillip was pushing on the screen.
3 hours later Anastasia sat under the trees glowering at Phillip. He was holding the strange device up and making weird faces at it.
“Hashtag selfie!” Phillip pranced around the forest looking at the box this way and that way.
Anastasia looked away disgustedly.
 “Are you still taking me to Florence city?” Anastasia said crossly.
Phillip laughed, “Ok come see this!”
Anastasia sighed and walked over to him. “It’s just your face all over that!”
Phillip nodded, “I know isn’t it great?”
 “No! Why would you want that?”
 “I honestly don’t know… Ooh look someone is following me!”
Anastasia looked over her shoulder. “No one is following you!”
  “No silly they’re following me on instagram!” Phillip said chuckling.
“That is just creepy. I don’t know why anyone wants to follow your face.” Anastasia backed away from the strange device.
 “Lets try a new app.” Phillip moved his finger over the lightened up box.
Anastasia folded her arms and stared. Maybe he’s actually gone crazy.
“Facebook that sounds interesting.” Phillip pushed on the screen again.
“What is that? A book all about your face, no thanks I don’t want to read that.”
 He peered at the screen intensely, “Cool, you just post whatever comes to your mind!”
  Anastasia squinted at him, “That sounds like a bad idea, and what does cool have to do with anything? Is it cold or something.”
  “It just means interesting I learned it on instagram lol!”
 “I think I’m just going to go.”
“Fine, I’ll try another app.” He peered at it intently again.
Anastasia began to walk away.
 “ITunes, that sounds like it’s music.”
Anastasia continued walking away.
 “Justin Beiber that sounds cool.”
Anastasia suddenly had a bad feeling, then the noise hit her ears and she began to run. Soon she noticed Phillip was running beside too, leaving the box behind.
  They stopped to catch their breath once they could not hear the screeching anymore.
  “I told you it wasn’t a good idea to touch that.” Anastasia said gasping for breath.
  “You were right!” Phillip laughed and Anastasia joined in.

Thanks for reading this! If you liked it, please comment and let me know what you thought! Also thanks to my sister, for giving me the story idea, even though you were skeptical that it would turn out.
    Sincerely, Rachel

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