Maple Pecan Ice-Cream & Spring

Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Spring! I hope it is bright & sunny where you are! They first day of spring for me was rainy, but today it is nice and sunny!
    So how are you celebrating spring? Why not celebrating with homemade ice cream? I mean really ice cream isn't only for summer! I make it in the middle of winter, and it's wonderful.
What about ice cream with pecans in it?
 What about vegan ice cream?
With coconut milk?
 So I know you want some now! You can find the recipe at the link below:
   You really must try it! IT IS DELICIOUS. Especially when eaten with waffle bowls.
Please ignore the bad quality of the finished product photos, they were taken with an ipad because I'm not patient enough to get my camera out! I just want to eat it!
   Sincerely, Rachel.
Oh and before I forget, I do have one warning. Don't plop the icecream down on the bowl with out putting a plate under first or else you'll end up with this: broken bowl + still yummy icecream. 

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