Book Recommendation of the Week

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

This week's book recommendation is 'Managing your Family's High-Tech Habits' by Arnie Cole, Pam Ovwigho.

          This book was fascinating, as it has lots of facts, polls, and studies. It wasn't just straight facts though, and it wasn't boring at all! It was written in a great way. There were examples from the writers' lives, and that really helped to make it easier to digest everything.
          This book made me question my own high-tech habits! Computers are a big part of my life, and after reading this book it really makes me think about how much time I waste on computers and social media. I always used to care how many followers and likes I had, but it really helped me realize it doesn't matter!
          I really loved the fact that this book was written in a Christian perspective. Many people, like myself often spend more time online than reading the Bible. It also offers a way to help you remember to set aside time for God with GoTandem app.
            I really learned a lot from this book, and I would rate this 5/5, I would definitely recommend this book to others with high-tech habits like myself.

   I'll be trying to do more reviews and I'm going to be posting a 'companies in slavery' post this week. My school is almost done now!
     Sincerely, Rachel

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