A Thanksgiving Post

Monday, October 12, 2015

     Happy Thanksgiving! Today is probably my favourite holiday of all the holidays. Usually today we have a family meal, all sitting around and eating pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. {not in that order...} But today is different as my mom & my brother are housesitting in Kelowna, and my sister is working. So it's just me and my dad sitting around partying!!!! No, not really... I'm doing homework. But I don't mind!
       We all know what thanksgiving is about. It's a time to be thankful for what we have and have a fun time with family. It all started with the pilgrims when they arrived in the New World. I decided to do a special post for today, but don't worry it's not a list of everything I'm thankful for.
      I feel like although we think about what we're thankful for today, we don't really realize just how blessed we are. And we forget to pray. It's hard, I know from experience! We get so busy that we think we don't have time. But I love a quote I read in Leslie Ludy's book called, The Set-Apart Woman.
"A mom of six once told me, "I'm too busy not to pray!"    Therin lies the secret to a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. But many of us might admit that we've got our thinking regarding busyness and prayer backwards."
    So I'm going to give you a list of people and things I'm going to pray about today. I hope you'll join me.
     1. Pastor Lee, and the babies in Korea. I watched the film {The Dropbox} recently, and it was really amazing. I'm praying for Pastor Lee's health, and for the babies safety, and also the mother's who give them up. I know they're hurting, and I pray that they'll find hope and love in our Saviour.
     2. Joe Bradford {Papa Joe} and his wife Denise, and the children he helps. If you've never heard of him, he's a man who runs an organization called Elijah's heart. He and his wife Denise help children in the projects in america, who are from poor families, or are suffering. The movie Unconditional is based on his true story, and told from a friend's perspective.
    3. The 30,000,000 women, children, and men who are being used as slaves around the world today. I pray that they'll find hope, and that they will be rescued from their situations.
    4. North America. I guess you could say the whole world here, but I'm just going to work on here first. I pray that everyone, the whole busy whole of us, will stop and think. I pray they'll open their hearts and realize how many people are suffering because of our selfishness, and take steps to stop those things. I also pray that they'll wake up to their sins, and turn to Jesus.
    5. The Josties. They are a family band who have all original songs, singing the message of God's hope. They're currently on their tour, and I'm praying that they have a safe trip, and that they can reach the people who need the message of Salvation the most.
    6. Albert Kaunda and his family. Albert and his family are from Zambia Africa, and we support them. The father {Albert}, has a tumor in his brain, which was causing him to go blind, and be really sick. It's begun to get a little better, but I'm praying for his full recovery, as he works with others to teach them about health, and bring them the message of the gospel. His son, {Albright} is going to school right now, to do the same work as his father, so I'm praying for him to do good in that.
   7. Bring Love In is a mission/orphanage in Ethiopia. I'm praying for them to keep working, and for the children and families that they are helping. I read the book by the founder Levi Benkert this summer and was amazing but the children, and his family's story. The book is called No Greater Love.
   8. Christians in Syria, who are being persecuted and killed by Isis. They're going through so much, and I pray that they'll have courage, and be safe.

    So that's my list, although there are many more  that I could add. I hope you'll join me in praying for those on it! What is your favourite part of thanksgiving? Tell me in the comments below!
   Sincerely, Rachel

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