The God Question

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

 We've all heard this question before. I'm going to call it 'The God Question'. It's the question that's very popular among atheists, and sometimes us Christians struggle with it too.

If God is real, why does he allow such suffering in this world? 

Why does He let children in Africa starve, and people be forced into slavery? 

Why does He allow soldiers and parents die?

       These are hard questions to answer, but one thing is sure. God isn't the 'evil' one, and death and sin certainly weren't part of His plan in the beginning.

      It's not His fault the children are starving. There's plenty enough food to go around on this planet, and plenty enough money too. Could God take the food and evenly distribute it, and make sure everyone had money? Yes. But God gives us free choice to do with it what we want.

     Think about it, if Bill Gates, the Kardashians or some other millionaire/billionaires had all their money taken away and an average living given to them, would they be happy? Of course not. They'd probably cry, and many people besides them would wonder why this would happen to them. What if that money was used to help the poor people? Would they still complain? Yes!

   Let's take a step back. Do you have a cellphone or computer? I do, and I certainly know that I use it more than I should. In fact, if the internet and technology were taken away from me, I would probably complain. Now, where are cell phones and computers made? Most are made in China, by slaves. Now if God took away your cell phone, would you be angry? If God took away all the products we used that are made by slavery would we be upset?

    If you couldn't ever eat chocolate or coffee again would you be upset? How about never being able to have diamonds or electronic devices? If any of these things was taken away from people today there would be an uproar, and probably many people would be upset at God. He would be blamed.

    So you see, it's not God's fault. He gave us free will to do as we please, and we've misused that power. The starving children in Africa could be fed and clothed, if only we'd not be so selfish. The 30,000,000 slaves around the world today could be freed if it weren't for us being so comfortable with the state of the world. If we actually cared and did something about it, maybe at the expense of our comfort, things would change.

     If there was no money made by wars, maybe there wouldn't be any more wars! If there hadn't been the original sin, there would be no death today. We are God's hands and feet on this world. He calls us to relieve suffering. We are supposed to bring peace and hope to this world. Unfortunately not all of us want to do this - thus through our free-will we bring more suffering to this world.

     No matter what God does for us here on earth, there will always be those who blame Him, and call Him an 'evil dictator'. If He freed the slaves, someone would complain about the loss of the products they'd made. If He gave food to the starving, someone would complain that we had less. If He took the money from those who are well-to-do, and gave it to those in need, someone would cry out against him. It's just easier to blame God, then to recognize that our sin has brought about ruin to this world. It's easier to blame God, then to do something about it.

   When we lose hope, we lose will. 

If we don't have hope, we won't move forward. 

We'll just sink deeper and deeper into suffering and darkness.

    But in the midst of all this suffering and pain - God offers us hope. He doesn't abandon us, He doesn't force us. He holds out His hand. He tells us it will be alright. He promises us eternal life, a home where there will be no pain, no death, no slavery, no starving children.

     His eyes are on the suffering, looking forward to the day when they can have answers, and He can wipe away their tears. One day the starving children will be in heaven. Their cries will be replaced by laughter. Their hunger will be replaced by fulfillment and health. There will be no slaves in heaven. They will be free, they will be at rest. Those who suffered in illness will no longer be weary. What God is offering us is hope.
     I'm looking forward to that day - but until then, I will be the feet and hands of God. I will bring hope, joy, and relief to those who need it here. Will you join me?


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