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Sunday, January 10, 2016

     I know I'm not fooling any of you with my book review of the WEEK. I'm lacking big time, but I'm going to keep calling these book reviews of the week, because it sounds better than, book reviews at random times. :)  This review is of "Blue Ribbon Trail Ride" by Miralee Ferrell.

     Blue Ribbon Trail Ride was is in my opinion better than the second book. It follows the story of Kate, and her friends, and I found it to be very well written.
     The characters are all very nice. In the second book I found Kate to seem a little spoiled, but by the end of the book I saw a lot of character change. In this book she was very lovable. The characters all were very believable, and growing up with an autistic brother I can see that she portrays Pete very well.
    My favorite characters are probably Kate and Colt. Kate shows a lovely spirit of selflessness and forgiveness in this book. She stays encouraged for the most part, and has a cheerful mindset even when things don't go the way planned.
    Colt also is still his old humorous self in this book, which probably is what makes him so like-able. I am home-schooled, so I always am a little biased towards home-schooled characters though.
     The plot is surprisingly well done for a book aimed towards middle-school children. Usually they are very predictable, but I found this one really good, I would even go so far as to say as good as some of the adult christian fiction I've read! It was fast paced, and not boring. I was kept guessing through the whole book, and at the edge of my seat.  
      I love Miralee's style of writing, as it isn't too flowery, neither dry. It is a great example of showing not telling when writing. It flows smoothly, and has a sense of humor and mystery to it.
     This book has many great lessons to it. Kate shows faith in God, selflessness and a love for others that even adults can learn from. She and her friends also learn forgiveness, and the dangers of presumption.
    Overall I would rate it 5/5, and I would definitely recommend it to girls or boys ages 8-16. I found it better than most YA fiction, so even those older who have a love for horses would enjoy it.
    Good work yet again Miralee Ferrell, I look forward to reading more of your books, and I will be reading the third book in this series, which I missed.
I've read the first two books in Miralee Ferrell's series, and although I enjoyed both of them very much, I didn't have high expectations for this book. Series, with the exception of some very special few, usually go downhill with each sequel. But this was not the case for this series!

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