Book Review of the Week: The Silver Suitcase

  I'm getting closer to my book review a week goal! My book review of this week is "The Silver Suitcase" by Terrie Tod.

I'm reviewing this book for Netgalley, but the review is completely my opinion, and I wasn't asked to make it sound better than it was.
      The cover of this books is so pretty! I was drawn to it immediately, and I the description made me even more curious and excited to read it. I was certainly not disappointed.
     My favorite character was probably Corrie, aka Cornelia. I loved her stubbornness at the beginning, and her spunk. It really gave a bit of a humorous tang, and even though she was sometimes stubborn about the wrong things, it made her seem really realistic and it made me sympathize with her.  She of course made mistakes so she wasn't the 'perfect' character, which seems unreachable and unrealistic. But seeing her struggle through them, and find forgiveness and hope was really encouraging.
   I loved Henry, he was probably my second or third favorite character. He was funny, and kind, and had a charm to him, even though he could be shy and awkward. The author did a great job of portraying him, and making you really love him before he died. So again I could sympathize with Corrie.
   Bonita was also a great character, I loved the Grandmother / Granddaughter relationship at the beginning of the book, it was so sweet. I also loved the legacy of the ice-cream maker, which was so cute. When she grew up Bonita was exactly what many people are like today. She had marriage problems, wasn't spending time with God, was worried all the time and stressed about work, and missing out on time with her children. But I don't think it was stereotypical, and thought it was a good thing this character was in that position, because this book could really help a lot of people!
    The plot was great. It really had me guessing, and wanting to read more of the diary. I kind of sped through the description, or forgot it about a quarter way through the book, because some plot twists really surprised me even though they're foreshadowed in the description.
    The ending was amazing, I loved it SO much! Even though I was a little sad that I couldn't finish reading the entire diary, this completely changed that.
     This book also had some really good lessons. Well, the whole book was practically a lesson. It showed what the consequences are of acting too early in a relationship, and how much pain it can cause. It showed how bitterness eats you up, and that God never leaves you through the hard times. It taught that we have to fight for our relationships, and try hard to make them work and understand other people's perspectives. I could keep going, but I'm only going to include one more thing I learned from this book. Even little things, that seem so small or insignificant, (like keeping a diary), can be used by God to change and help others.
   I would 100% recommend this book, for girls ages 14+. I give it five out of five stars.

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