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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

    My book review of this week is 'Counted With The Stars' by Connilyn Cossette. Can you just take a moment to appreciate the cover, cause like, that's SO PRETTY!
I am usually not a fan of fiction based of Bible stories. With the few rare exceptions, I find them to be unBiblical and over romanticized. They never seem to stick to the story! I didn't have too high hopes for this book, because I wasn't sure what to expect from a book set in ancient Egypt. Counted With the Stars blew me away.
I loved Kiya, she was a rich girl sold into slavery by her very own father. She was so real, the emotions she felt, the betrayal she felt.
It is a hard choice between Kiya and Shira, which one is my favourite character. They were both so different, Kiya being independant and proud (at first), and Shira completely self-less and kind. She gave up so much for Kiya, and without her, she never would have got where she did.
Eben was a great character too. He showed how bitterness and anger eat you up. How you hide your guilt by blaming others, and how when you fully trust God and allow yourself to love others you can be set free. His friendship with Kiya's brother was so sweet, and I think that was when I first began to really like him. At first I was a little torn, thinking that he was the typical guy in a story, who hated the main character and suddenly had a change of heart. But when I saw the way he interacted with her brother, I saw the kind heart he hid behind his shell.
The plot was really good, I think it stuck to the Bible story very well. It gave the perspective of the Egyptians, the terror they felt, and the pride that kept them from letting the people of Israel free. We saw through Kiya's eyes the denial they felt, and then the faith that she grasped onto.
I found this book to be a love story between a girl and her God. How she battled against him for so long, and then finally let Him hold her and give her hope and peace. It made me really wonder if Kiya was ever going to love God and leave her idolatry behind. It was so beautiful, and the scene at the mount when God speaks to them all at the mount, had me in awe at His power, and made the story come alive.
There were quite a few plot twists I never saw coming, and the story was definitely not boring or predictable. The book taught a lot of lessons, forgiving others, how mistakes bring us guilt and we have to take them to God to be redeemed and set free, and sacrificing your own dreams and comforts to help others.
Overall I rate it 5/5, I will be recommending this book to others for sure, and eagerly watching for Connilyn Cossette's next books! This book is on my favourite book list now. 
   Happy Reading!
   Sincerely, Rachel

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