What Is Manliness?

Monday, May 02, 2016

    The other day I was talking to someone, and somehow our conversation turned, and the person began to talk about 'manliness'. I honestly can't remember how it got to that, but what I do remember was the person's definition of manliness.

"Manly men are tough, and strong, they don't cry, and when they find out someone is sick, they're not like 'I'm sorry, I hope you feel better soon', no they're like 'go eat some garlic'. They don't talk a lot, and they're not very friendly."

Chuck Norris: I'm going to stop right there, because I think you can get the picture. I think the word angry or upset was involved in the definition, and by this point I was upset. That definition was so wrong! I mean, to be a manly man do you  have to look like the guy to the right or what? (That's Chuck Norris if you couldn't tell.) I'm not saying that guys like that aren't manly, but you don't have to be like to be a manly guy.
   Today there are too many boys and men who really don't hold themselves up to any standard, and frankly aren't manly at all. This isn't because they can't go outside and chop down a tree, or because they can't grow a beard. No, this is because they have no sense of chivalry, they're not courageous and brave, and they are weak in character.
     So, today I've decided I will be sharing with you what manliness really means. I hope that guys who read this can learn from it, or anyone who has the wrong idea of manliness can realize the truth of the matter.

     To be a man you don't need to grow a beard, love bacon or meat, or be able to chop down a tree with an axe. A manly man is one who isn't a coward. He stands up for what he believes in and doesn't run from anyone who questions his beliefs. He doesn't need to be afraid to cry, I don't mean that he should be constantly crying at every little thing, but if he is sad, or in pain he can cry. I understand that there are also different personality types, so some guy will be shyer than others, and hide their feelings more, and that's ok too! A manly man will be confident, and friendly and kind. He will be considerate of other's feelings, and concerned about their welfare. He won't put women down, or look at them with lust or as an object. He will be fair, and think of others.
     Men should be chivalrous, so open doors for others, and be thoughtful. You don't need to be sloppy in dressing, but you shouldn't be vain either. You shouldn't have to be afraid in a man's presence. To top it off, a manly man should put God first.

      I hope this post has educated you if you have the wrong idea of manliness. Please feel free to add anything that you wish in the comment section. I could keep going on with the list, but I just wanted to put the basics in.
     Happy May!
Sincerely Rachel R.

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