For Those Who Long For Beautiful Places

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nova Scotia
    I've always wanted to travel and see new places. To walk down new roads, drive through unfamiliar terrain, see new animals, and explore scenes I've never seen. There is nothing wrong with this desire. God created the world. He made it beautiful.
   There's something that we have to realize. We can't always travel. We might not be called to go to the places we long to go the most. Until we realize the beauty around us, we can't appreciate the beauty in new places.
    Look out your window, go for a walk. Look around. What do you see? Mountains, fields, the sea, a sunset? There is someone on this earth who wishes they could be right where you are. You might find it boring, or blah, but that's just because you're so used to seeing it.
    Look down at the ground. What's beneath your feet? Sand, grass, flowers, rocks, snow? Probably doesn't look like anything special. But wait, look a little closer. Sit down, it's okay if you look silly.
     Have you ever noticed the little details in the flowers? The fluffy pollen, the ruffly petals? How about snow? Each and every snowflake is different! They sparkle in the sunlight, they're so delicate and beautiful.
    What about sand? How can there be anything interesting about it? Hah. Have you ever seen a macro picture of sand? Each little piece is shaped differently, they sparkle in the sun, and are warm as you walk over them. There are little pieces of shiny mica mixed in, which look like little pieces of silver. Rocks come in so many different varieties! Smooth, rough, sharp, round. Speckled, grey, white, black, red. You can skip them across water.
    Look at the sky! How many different colours can it be? Blue, red, pink, grey. Sunsets rival the classic paintings. Clouds can be so beautiful. At night you can watch the stars sparkle. Stars that are light years away.
    Close your eyes now. Listen. What do you hear? The rustle of leaves as the wind blows through it. Waves lapping against the shore. A breeze blowing through the grass. Birds singing. Rain pattering on the ground. Thunder booming. Do you feel the sun on your face or a cool breeze blowing against it?
    You might not be in Europe, or on a tropical island, or North America, or Asia. It might be months, or years before you can travel. You might never be able to. But in the meantime learn to love the place you're in. Think of all the places around you that you've never explored. Drive five minutes to a new park, climb the hill or mountain that you've seen through your front window for years.  Go someplace you've been a million times, and pretend it's the first time you've ever seen it.
     There is beauty everywhere, we just have to learn to see it, and be content. The other day I took the picture at the beginning of this post. The mountain that I can see out of my front window was hidden in fog. Isn't it beautiful? I don't always think so. I see it every day. I've taken so many pictures of it. I'd much rather have open fields or hills instead. But it really is pretty, and I know I'd probably just as soon get bored of a different view.
       I challenge you to go find something beautiful right where you are! If you'd like - let me know what it is, in the comments below.


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  1. Nicola21.3.17

    oh, I totally agree! I love finding beauty everywhere.
    I was just gazing outside at the mountains shrouded in the fog, and the light blue sky fading into dusk. It was so beautiful and serene!

    1. Yes! Sound very beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with me Nicola.

  2. So true! Thanks for this.