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Thursday, April 09, 2015

I know I've been posting a lot of book reviews this week, but I'll try not to post anymore after this! This weeks 'official' book review is.... The Drop Box, by Brian Ivie and Ted Kluck.

   This book is a wonderful story of redemption, and God's forgiveness and love.
    It follows the story of Brian Ivie, an aspiring director. He wants more than anything to make his own movie, As time goes by and he's not getting much closer to his goal, he begins to get into things he shouldn't.
    Finally he is able to find a good opportunity, and jumps into it. After he has filmed it, he realizes how his motives were all wrong.
    Pastor Lee and his children in South Korea make a very moving story. Pastor Lee and all the volunteers sacrifice so much in their lives, just to help these helpless little babies and children. The are unforgettable people, whose story deserved to be shown to the world.
    This book really strengthens your faith, and makes you question your own motives. Are you holding on to something which is wrong? It makes you ask yourself wether you are really serious and devoted to God. Would give up yourself for others like Pastor Lee did?
   Overall I think this book deserves at least four stars! The beginning was little boring to me, but that didn't go on very long only a few chapters. The rest of the book for sure made up for it anyway.
I would definitely recommend this book to others, especially those who have gone into bad things in their life and doubt that God would forgive them. It is more for ages 16+
   Sincerely, Rachel

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