Book Review: A Daring Sacrifice

Sunday, March 13, 2016

    Hello, readers of my blog, new to it, and followers who have been here since the beginning. Here's another book review, *yay*! You're probably going to get another one sometime this week, so when you get it please don't worry that I'm going to be posting one every day... Turns out I've just been reading some might good books. So without further adieu, let's jump into it!

'A Daring Sacrifice' is about a young woman in Medieval times and is a twist to the robin hood legend. There have been a lot of robin hood gender-bent books. I was expecting it to be just like all the other ones, but I was pleasantly surprised.

   Juliana was a great character, she has spunk, and was tough, but was very passionate about her cause. She also had her prejudices - believing all rich folk stole from peasants and made their lives miserable.

   Colin, on the other hand, was funny, sweet, and also rich. He is blind to the plight of the peasants and makes a deal with Julianne to learn about them. He didn't do it because he cared about them, but rather because he liked Julianne so much. Throughout the book his character definitely strengthened and both he and Julianne learned from each other.

    The side characters were also wonderful. I loved the way Bulldog was so concerned about her and protective, acting as a father figure.

   The plot was really fast paced, and exciting as well. It was suspenseful, the characters were not handed what they wanted, they had to fight for it and sacrifice for it. The climax had me on the edge of my seat, thinking they were never going to get out of the mess.

    A similar book I've read is 'Dauntless' by Dina L. Sleiman. Reading this book, I wanted to compare and see the differences and similarities. This book is my preference of the two - no offence to Dina Sleiman who is a great author! What really stood out to me was that this book was more innocent, and the romance did not seem rushed and the couple seemed to love each others characters and not just their physical appearance.

   The only thing I really didn't like was the fact that Lord Colin never let her win an archery contest. Seriously, I think she could've won if he didn't keep distracting her!

   Overall I rate this book four out of five. It's a perfect read when you want something sweet and fun but also with a bit of adventure! There is a bit of violence in it, so I would recommend it for folks 13+.

   Happy reading!
  Sincerely, Rachel

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